Invited talks, papers, workshops, events


CONFERENCE OPEN PANEL: Accepted Open Panel for the 4S 2021 conference in Toronto called Un/Making a Difference: The Possibilities of Extra-ordinary Acts of Mundane Resistance in Unequal and Uncertain worlds, 6-9 Oct

WORKSHOP: COPIM + POP experimental open access data project workshop, 17 June

EVENT: Methods Lab/ POP hosted: Annual Lecture & Masterclass with Prof Shahidha Bari, UAL, 24 Mar.

SEMINAR: Introduced the Transmissions project and edited collection at the Collaborative Future-Making research platform at Malmö University, 4 March 2021.

TALK: Researching reconstructing and re-imagining lesser-known political material histories, MA Fashion & Textiles, University Technology Sydney, 20 Feb

SYMPOSIUM PAPER: FACE OFF: The Provocation and Power of Face Masks and Head Coverings, Manchester Fashion Institute online symposium. Kat & Katja gave a paper: From the Plague Proboscis to Pandemic PPE: Unmasking the inventive socio-histories of face coverings [Abstract] 13-14 Jan 2021.

PODCAST: Unfinished Business: The fight for women’s rights, British Library exhibition, 23 Oct- 24 Feb 2021. Kat was interviewed by BL curator Polly Russell and author/presenter Jools Walker for a podcast to accompany the exhibition. Access the podcast series here.

GUEST LECTURE: MA Fashion programme, Faculty of Communication & Design, Ryerson University, Toronto Canada for Dr. Alison Matthews David (Author of Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present), 19 Nov 2020

KEYNOTE: Getting into Research: Critical makings, experimental wearings and alternate doings, RMIT DERC, Melbourne, Australia, 13 Mar 2020


KEYNOTE: West of England Costume Society, Janet Arnold Study Day “Freedom and Resistance”, Bath, UK. 5 Oct.

TALK: Intellectual Property for the Un-Disciplined, PASSIM project, Linköping University, Sweden, 10-13 Sept.

TALK: Politics of Past Patents: Exploring “haunted” “acts of citizenship” via clothing inventions, 4S  – Society for the Social Studies of Science  Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA 3-7 Sept

KEYNOTE: What Can We Learn From (dead) Inventors,  MA Design  Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, 28 Aug.

WORKSHOP participant: Creative Arts & Design Impact Network Workshop, RMIT Europe, Barcelona, Spain 13-15 June.

WORKSHOP: The Unfinished Pocket – Experimental sewing, The Unfinished in Architecture, Design  & Planning, Open University, London, 6 June.

TALK: York Festival of Ideas, York, UK. 8 June.

BBC1:  Bikes & Bloomers featured in a BBC1 Countryfile show on the history of women’s cycling, 19 May

BBC4: Bikes & Bloomers featured in the BBC4 Victorian Sensations documentary about Victorian technology, society and bodies with Dr Hannah, 22 May.

Q&A: London Bike Show: Casquette Live, UK. 29-31 Mar

TALK: Politics of Patents: Researching Making and Wearing Clothing Inventions, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. 12 Feb


MASTERCLASS:  Making Things to Make Sense of Things: Inventive practice in the archive, Australian Centre for Public History, University Technology Sydney, Aust. Nov 1.

EXHIBITION: Bikes and Bloomers on show at the Institute of Engineering & Technology, London Nov – Summer 2019

KEYNOTE: Cambridge Cycling Campaign Cycling Festival, Sept 29.

CONFERENCE PAPER: More than Human Encounters with Clothing: Experiments with Sociological Sewing, 4S Annual  Conference, University of Sydney, Aug 29-31.

WORKSHOP SPEAKER: Creative Methods for Social Mapping, RMIT Europe, Barcelona, Spain, July 9-10.

PANELIST: RADA’s Fierce Feminist Forum, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, July 4.

INSTALLATION and COSTUME SESSIONS: London Cycling Campaign Cycling Festival, June 14.

INSTALLATION and SEWING WORKSHOP: : Field Day Music Festival, London, June 2.

TALK, INSTALLATION and COSTUME SESSIONS: London Transport Museum, Open Museum weekend, April 22.

BOOK LAUNCH: I led a panel discussion at LMNH with Bruce Bennett (Snr Lecturer in Film Studies, Lancaster U.), Emily Chappell (Founding member of The Aventure Syndicate and fastest woman in the 2016 Transcontinental Race) and Laura Laker (Journalist for The Guardian, Total Women’s Cycling and, April 18.

TALK: Bikes & Bloomers: Victorian women inventors and their extraordinary cycle wear, Google, Central London Office, Apr 12.

PECHAKUCHA TALK and INSTALLATION Pechakucha: London Transport Museum’s Late Debate: Women of The Future, Feb 8.

PANELIST: Rise Up Women! Celebrating one hundred years of the vote, Waterstones, London. Jan 29.



PANEL: Organised and chaired the Methods Lab Annual Lecture featuring three speakers from creative and cultural industry, Nov 1.

KEYNOTE: Secret Cycling Selves: How Victorian Women Negotiated Multiple Mobile Identities Through Patented Cycle Wear, Mobilities, Literature, Culture Conference, Lancaster University, April 21.

TALK: Sociological Sewing: Sensory Encounters with Women’s Invention in the Archive, Gender, Sexuality and The Sensory, University of Kent, Canterbury, May 19.



SEMINAR SPEAKER: Designing Feminist Futures, for Design & Repair Digital Culture Research Centre (DCRL), Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany, Nov 16.

TALK: Wearing The Archive, Urban Methods on the Move, British Sociological Association Cities & Mobilities Study Group Conference, Goldsmiths, Sept 15.

CONFERENCE PAPER: Making Inventions Count: the gender politics of design patents, for the panel: Counting by Other Means, 4S/ EASST combined conference, Barcelona, Sep 1-3.

TALK: Art & Design by Other Means: Research, Methods & PracticesMuseu del Disseny de Barcelona, Aug 31.

PANELIST: Links & Shifts: Nikki Pugh in conversation with Kat Jungnickel & Emily Chappell, Birmingham Open Media, Aug 21.

RESEARCH SEMINAR: for MA Fashion Communication (Fashion Critical Studies), Central Saint Martins, UAL, London,  June 8.

TALK: (with Shelia Hanlon) SPIN London: the cycling festival, for London Bike Kitchen, Old Truman Brewery, London May 20-22.

TALK and SEWING WORKSHOP: Patterns of Patents, Parsons, New School, New York, Apr 5.

TALK and HACKING WORKSHOP: Enquiry Machines, Critical Breaking and Repair, Cornell University event with NYC Fixers Collective, New York, April 1.

INVITED RESPONDENT:  Microsoft Cambridge’s ‘HCI after interaction: A Mobile Life & Microsoft workshop on humans, computers and the role of interaction’, Microsoft Cambridge. March 9.



KEYNOTE: Defiant Design: Stories of Victorian women cyclists, material invention and convertible costumes, Textile Institute’s Annual Roy Godden Lecture, Royal College of Art, London, Jan 20.

TALK: (with Shelia Hanlon) Politics of Pockets and other stories about gender, mobility and invention, WAGFEST 2 – London Bike Kitchen Women and Gender Variant Festival, DIY Space for London, Nov 28.

TALKS, INSTALLATION and COSTUME SESSIONS: Bikes & Bloomers at the Science Museum ‘Late’ on Wearable Technology, London, Apr 29. Program here.

TALK and HACKING WORKSHOP: Enquiry Machines: Summarising Through Making, Un/Stable Infrastructures, Digital Cultures Research Lab Semester Closing Research, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, July 8.

TALK: Socio-Technical Mobile Devices of Resistance: Victorian inventors, women cyclists and convertible cycle wear patents, Technological Conditions of Interventions: History, Epistemology, Dramaturgy, Digital Cultures Research Lab, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, May 19-21.

KEYNOTE: Transmissions and Entanglements: making, curating and representing research , ‘Creating and Communicating’ – London ESRC Doctoral Training Centre Annual Conference, London School of Economics, Mar 23-24.

PANELIST: The Ladies Bridge Documentary Screening with Panel Discussion, Somerset House, London, Mar 9.

TALK: Visualising Research Online, AHRC Digital Literacy for Early Career Researchers, in collaboration with University of East Anglia & Queen Mary, Norwich, Feb 26.

TALK: Patterns of Patents; Material Stories of Cycling, Sewing & Sociology, Launch of the Goldsmiths Global Fashion Unit, London, Feb 18.



KEYNOTE: Designing Mobile Bodies: The story of Alice Bygrave, Rational Dress and the changing nature of mobile public space in late C19th Britain, INvisible Design Conference, The Institute of Design Projects, Państwomiasto, Warsaw, Poland, Dec 6-7

TALK and COSTUME SESSION: Invited talk at London Bike Kitchen, Women and Gender Variant (WAG) Night, Nov 24.

TALK and SEWING WORKSHOP: Bikes & Bloomers: Cycling, sewing and suffragette storytelling, Feminism in London Conference, Oct 25.

CHAIR AND PANEL CURATOR: V&A Design Culture Salon – ‘How is the urban cyclist designed?’, V&A Museum, The Clore Centre, London, Oct 10.

CONFERENCE PAPER: Dressing in your data and other forms of sociological storytelling, Accepted paper in co-chaired panel ‘Transmissions and Entanglements: The potentials and pitfalls of new forms of discussion’ for 4S – The Society for the Social Studies of Science, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PANELIST: London Cycle Campaign’s 15th Policy Forum Seminar, Held at Department of Planning and Transport Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster, Sept 23.

PANELIST: Women in Tech: an Intel Centre for Social Computing & FemTechNet collaboration, The New School, NYU, April 22.

TALK: (Extra) Ordinary Cycle Wear: Historic patents, convertible clothing and the contested nature of gendered mobility in Victorian Britain, College of Art. Edinburgh, Scotland, March 10.

TALK: Dresses and Data: Methods for making archival materials matter. Invited talk for Data Practices: The Design & Social Science Seminar Series 2013-14, Goldsmiths, UK, Feb 5.


TALK: Freedom of Movement: The Bike, the Bloomer and the Women’s Im/mobility in late nineteenth century Britain. Fashion Studies/ Design Culture: Convergences and Divergences, Design Research Conference Series, University of Southern Denmark, Nov 21.

TALK: ‘You’re Going to Make What?” Reflections on (a decade of) critical making practice at INCITE, INCITE-ING Transformation in Social Research: inventive dialogues between sociology, technology development and creative practice, Goldsmiths, Oct 12.

CONFERENCE PAPER: (with Laura Forlano) Globally Local, Digitally Material and the Amateur Professional: Hacking Hybrid Socio-Technical Cultures,  Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) annual meeting, San Diego, US,  Oct 9 -12.

HACKING WORKSHOP: Enquiry Machines: Making Social Computing Matter. Goldsmiths Learning Enhancement Fellowship in collaboration with Dan McQuillan in MA/MSc in Creating Social Media, Goldsmiths, University of London. Jun-July.

SEMINAR TALK: New Methods: Making ideas matter. Sociology PhD seminar, Birkbeck, London, May 8

TALK: Researching Digital Experiences and Use. Honors Methods programme, Digital Cultures, Media & Communications Department, University of Sydney, April 19.


CONFERENCE PAPER: (with Genevieve Bell) Thicker Description: Experiments in Representing Multi-Sited Ethnography. Anthropology In The World, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain, British Museum, London, UK, Jun 8-10.

GUEST LECTURE: Mobility technology cultures: The bus, the bicycle and the internet. Invited lecture for Convergence Culture, BSc Sociology, Culture and Media studies, University of Surrey, UK, May 3.

GUEST LECTURE: Hacking the home: DIY practices, technological tantrums and wireless workarounds. Invited lecture for Convergence Culture, BSc Sociology, Culture and Media studies, University of Surrey, UK, Mar 27.

GUEST LECTURE: Making and Engaging. Design methods in communication studies: Moving from analysis to application, MA Digital Media Futures, London School of Economics and Political Science, Feb 28.

TALK: The Bike, the Bloomer and the Female Cyclist: Material lessons from the late nineteenth century. Institute of Railway Studies and Transport History,  University of York, Feb 2.


DIY Bike: UK cyclists, tinkering practices and mobility behaviours in a mass motorised society.  Fourth Cycling Practitioner meeting, UEL Cycling Cultures, Palestra – Transport for London, UK, Nov 18.

Whereness, hereness and thereness; The social practice of making place. Invited lecture, seminar and lab for Mediating the Social, MA Creating Social Media (MACSM) and MA Interactive Media (MAIM), Department of Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, Nov 11.

(with Aleks Krotoski) The Serendipity Engine. Invited lecture in the ‘Connections‘ series, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, UK, Nov 8.

The Socio-Politics of Bloomers and Lycra: Why cycling wear still matters. Invited speaker for the Travel Identities workshop, Lancaster University, UK, Sept 21.

(with Julien McHardy) Enquiry Machine #1: Performance 3. Invited presentation, ‘Serendipity’, SameAs, Science and Technology Meetup, The Driver, London, Aug 8.

Wireless Enculturation: The role of the BBQ in the making of an Australian Wireless network. Invited speaker at Cartographies of Innovation, Tempos Danish Design, Lancaster University, UK, Jun 27-28

Ethnographic methods and the use of digital data. Invited seminar to Sociology PhD students, University of East London UK, May 9.

Feral practice: Performing ethnographic enquiry. Invited lecture to Product Design students, Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London UK, May 5.

Performing your thesis. Invited lecture to Swedish Design PhD students, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, May 4.

iPod zombie or sensory cyclist? Sensory strategies, cycling practices and the changing nature of distraction. Third Cycling Practitioner meeting, UEL Cycling Cultures, Kingston House, Hull UK, Mar 2.


‘Nattering’ and ‘silly little things’: Informal encounters, everyday connections and local characters in cycle campaigning in Hull. Cycling and Society Symposium, Oxford, University, UK, Oct 6.

Research as a form of making. Respondent to Professor Bill Gaver, Head of Goldsmiths Interaction Design, Making & Opening: Entangling Design & Social Science Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, Sept 24. Programme

(with Julien McHardy) Enquiry Machine #1: Performing (im)possible futures. European Association for the Study of Science & Technology conference (EASST), University of Trento, Italy, Sept 2.

Making ‘middlework’ public: Mods, mess and homebrew high-tech innovation in suburban Australia. The Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference, University of Tokyo, Japan, Aug 28.

(with Rachel Aldred) Spaces of Mobilty; Placing cycling, cycling places. Paper presented at the British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, Apr 6-9.

Stickytape: Technology You Cannot Live Without. Invited speaker at London DigiFest, The Dana Centre, Science Museum, London, UK, Mar 26. Slides here.

Exhibiting Sociological Knowledge. Invited talk for Design and Social Science seminar series, Design Department, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, Mar 25.

(2009) Case Studies on the use of Web 2.0. Invited speaker at South Australian Government Information Session: Using Web 2.0 as a Community Engagement Tool, Department for Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST), Adelaide, Australia, Feb.

(2008) Disorderly Design: The role of mess in the making of WiFi. Paper presented at 4S Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Aug 24.

(2006) Working with Industry. Invited presentation to Media and Communication Studies (MACS) Research Group, Department for Cultural Studies, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, Oct.

(2006) Home is where the hub is: Domestic culture and wireless infrastructures in Australian homes. The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), University of Perth, Western Australia, Sept.

(2006) Domestic Space and Interfaces for Located Mobility. Invited presentation to Intel Digital Home Group (DHG) and People and Practices (PAPR) Research Labs, Portland, USA, July.

(2006) Hacking the Home: Technological tantrums and wireless workarounds in domestic culture. Invited speaker at Wireless Cultures and Technologies workshop, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, Nov.

(2005) Doing it For Ourselves: Revisions and Renewals in Sociological Methodology, MSc Research Methods Conference, University of Surrey (UniS), Bournemouth, UK, Nov.

(2005) On Seeing and Researching the Blog: Sociological objects in ethnographic research. Association of Internet Research (AoIR) Conference, Chicago, IL, USA, Oct 5.

(2004) Urban Tapestries: Sensing the City and other stories. Invited paper for Digiplay: Experience and Consequence of Technologies of Leisure, University of Surrey, UK.