B&B Animation

Forgotten Women

These animations were produced as part of the ‘Bikes and Bloomers’ project as an experimental interdisciplinary collaboration with Ceiren Bell  – a Lecturer in Animation at Goldsmiths.

Text from Golddust:

Although very few photographs and no moving image footage existed of the early women bikers, Kat’s research has ‘animated’ the women inventors she writes about through the very faint traces the bikers had left via their patents, drawings and genealogical data. Ceiren Bell’s animation work directly utilised these and other materials to see how ‘ghosts’ from the past might be embedded in them, how they continue to engage with the present and how they might be realised and renegotiated through the animation process. As well as animating the bikers, the film outlines a trajectory for the practice of animation as, literally, a return to life.