Transmissions & Entanglements

This ESRC funded project explores inventive methods and modes of knowledge transmission in a series of international symposiums/ workshops.

It is supported by Intel, ISTC (Intel’s Science and Technology Centre for Social Computing) at UCI and Goldsmiths Sociology Department.

Event #1: Transmissions & Entanglements: Uses of Inventive Methods, ISTC, UCI, California. One day launch event at Intel’s Science & Technology Centre, University of California Irvine, with responses from graduate students, Prof. Geof Bowker and Prof. Paul Dourish.

Event #2: Inventive Enactments of the Social: Transdisciplinary Methods of Transmission and Entanglement. Three-day international event featuring a public lecture, with a keynote from Prof. Larissa Hjorth (DERC, RMIT), symposium and post event brunch. In total, 21 international speakers used film, photos, objects, poetry and performance to discuss ways of telling stories and storytelling.

Event #3: Live Transmission: Critical Conversations about Crafting, Performing and Making. Week long series of critical and creative events – a public keynote by Prof. Jackie Orr (Syracuse, NY), symposium, sewing workshop, exhibition and public performance in central London.

Event #4: Transmissions & Entanglements: What’s next? Lüneburg, Germany. Three day international symposium at Digital Cultures Research Lab (DCRL).

Outputs: Project website, talks, new edited book (under review)