B&B by others

Wonderfully people are sending in pics of their use and interpretations of the B&B research and hashtagging them #bikesandbloomers on social media. Some are using the patterns to make their own versions of the costumes  – such as UK Bicycle Ballet’s “Blazing Saddles”, in which the performers wear variations of the #1 pulley skirt and #4 skirt/cape designs. Others are inspired by the 189os women inventors and draw on related clothing patents – such as designer/sculptor Carley Bandeaux’s costume for the Design Museum of Chicago.  Some have fantastically turned up at my talks wearing costumes they have made and have demonstrated them to delighted audiences (and me!). Others have posted pics on Instagram. If you have made things from the project, please continue to let me know about it. It is really great to follow the life of this project.