73 Urban Journeys

The 73 bus project was designed to explore, experience and capture textual, visual and sensual narratives of the mobile London urban experience. It started in June 2003 during a Research Fellowship at INCITE, at the University of Surrey and continued for over three years. It was part of a larger study conceived by Nina Wakeford (INCITE) for a collaboration with INTEL which looked at the relationship between mobility and experience of place, with particular reference to the use of digital content and involved a qualitative study of spaces in London in which people consume information.

My project built upon this research by undertaking an ethnographic study of the No.73 bus, exploring its route, passengers, history and iconic place in the urban landscape.  The aim was to find ways to articulate the relationship between people’s technology use and senses of place in urban mobile settings. Using a website and two linked blogs I experimented with visual methodologies and the challenges of gathering data online, collating and analysing it.

Website and 2 blogs
73 bus cards and boxes
Book chapter